Prepare to get into the avatar of Spiderman, Batman and Iron Man, if you want to be your best friends, Best Man. With the kind of grandness Indian weddings have, there has to be someone who has to be at the rescue 24x7, that's when the Best Man steps in. If you have been honoured to take up the responsibility to prepare yourselves for marathons and sleepless nights. Here are some responsibilities that you will have to undertake:


1)Chauffeur at service

With guests pouring in from any and everywhere there will be days when you will have to receive guests from the airport and stations, and mind you not only once but twice or thrice.



2)Make the Groom look no less than a Hero

No matter what you wear or how you look, your very first priority is to make the groom look dashing.



3)Be prepared to shed all those calories

You will literally have to run from the caterers, Mandap decorators, tailor and God knows where else to keep everything flowing smoothly. So do not worry if you have missed your leg day at the gym, it will be compensated.

4)Don't let the groom get wasted

We understand how happy an occasion it is for the groom, but make sure he isn't overwhelmed by the happiness and has gulped more than he can take. Make sure you keep him sober.



5)Prepare a kick-ass speech

This one a bummer!

Make sure you have poured your heart out in the speech. Make it short and funny to entertain the guests.



So you see, being a Best Man is not everyone's cup of tea. We hope we have helped you get sorted before you take up this tremendous task.