The only question every sister, cousin and friend is eagerly waiting for when the wedding is a few days away is; will you be my bridesmaid? It's a tremendous responsibility mind you to take care of the bride and pop things out of thin air when the brides demand it. So if your planning to take this very important task in your hands let us help you prepare for the same. Start making notes, a lot of things are going to be thrown at you:

1)Makeup kit -  The first and foremost thing every bridesmaid should undertake is to make the bride look pretty at all times. You have to be quick with your hands to make her look pretty in all the pictures.

2)Contacts Of The Fam Bam- Emergencies can occur anytime, so it is very important to be equipped with contacts of the bride's mother, father, chachas and chachis.

3)Stress-reliever- It is very important to keep the bride stress free at all times. Weddings can be chaotic and stressful. The bridesmaids should make the bride feel motivated and pumped with energy at all times.

4)Gift coolie- You might have the luxury of your husband or boyfriend carrying bags for you, but this is when you have to carry everything on the stage, while the bride poses with her hubby.

5) Personal photographer- Make sure you have your selfie stick and your memory card in place. You will be asked to click a lot (A LOT) of pictures, here, they're everywhere for the bride.

So much for the pretty bridesmaids to do right? But things cannot get better than this when you know you have made the bride look so pretty and helped her throughout this very important day. We hope we have prepared you for this ultimate task.