Indian weddings are known for its grandeur, ceremonies and extravaganza. The most important ceremony for the bride and her family from among the various ceremonies is the Mehendi ceremony. In this ceremony, which takes place a night before the wedding day, family members and intimate relatives of the bride apply henna on the hands and legs of the bride. Usually, a professional mehndi artist is hired to apply henna to the bride and other women of the family. The ceremony is made harmonious with various mehendi songs that are sung by the ladies on the beats of the dhol.

The intricate design of the mehendi makes the bride look all the more beautiful. Here are some trendy henna art designs for this wedding season:


1.Indo Arabic Mehendi Designs



2.Chic and Minimal Mehendi Designs




3.Arabic Mehendi Designs



4.Rajhasthani Mehendi Designs

5.Floral Mehendi Designs 

6.Moroccan Mehendi Designs


7.Contemporary Mehendi Designs 


8.Personalised Mehendi Designs