6 Things You MUST Do Before You Leave The Salon On Your Wedding Day


Weddings are overwhelming especially once the final wedding week kicks off. So there are things, important things that you may forget. So we’ve got your back with this quick list of the 5 most important things that you have to do before your step out of the salon on your wedding day!

1. Checking your dupatta drapes
Draping is one of the most under rated things on the wedding day but that is what is going to make or break your look. If you have a double drape, double check is its draped the way you wanted it. Ask the MUA to take a few pictures so you know that how it looks in the pictures too. Your head drape or the dupatta on your head shouldn’t be too tight or loose. Make sure you adjust it according to your comfort level. If you aren’t a regular Indian outfits wearing person, ask your MUA to secure your pleats or your dupatta with double pins.

2. Check your lehenga can-can and if its fluffed
Ensure your lehenga is fluffed up with can can underneath so you get that big wide flare that you wanted .

3. Get your nails re-done (Haldi can ruin them)
Usually every bride gets her nails done one week before the wedding but some wait to get them done post the mehendi and haldi. Or you may also end up ruining your nails, at your haldi. So make sure that you get a quick manicure on the day of the wedding. Don’t worry; it won’t ruin your mehendi colour. Just a buff, trim, clean and polish routine!

4. Carry lip balm/ vaseline and your touch up lipstick 
You have to remember that your salon lady isn’t going to accompany you to the wedding so make sure you ask her everything you need to know about touch ups through the wedding. Carry the lipstick you are wearing or borrow it from the salon lady. You can always buy her another fresh one later. Make sure that all that is required for the touch ups is in your bridal emergency kit.

5. Carry a pair of comfortable shoes in the car
You might have to wait ages for your baraat to arrive, or you might have super lat night pheras and you would want to be comfortable waiting. Just ensure you have alternate footwear handy when you leave the salon so you can slip into something comfy and not be in your heels the whole time.

6. Whatsapp your photographer, parents & one member of the grooms side.
If your photographer was already with you for getting ready shots great, if not then whatsapp him/ her to let them know you are onroute and might want your bridal portraits taken during the wait for the baraat. Also let the other side know. So are you ready to walk down that wedding aisle?